You Can’t Spell Unique Without “U”

In this life you’re going to face so many challenges and for some people (especially me) one of the biggest challenges you can face is yourself. It’s hard to overlook the “imperfections” that society has ingrained in you are wrong. These are qualities that make you unique and valuable. I’m not going to lie guilt, waging war with yourself, and wanting or striving to become a better person is difficult. I’ve spent years picking at pieces of myself like a scab that wouldn’t heal over and then I realized… I didn’t need to pick that scab. I needed it to heal and leave it alone. So what I’m about to try and help you do is to quit picking at whatever scabs you may have and focus on what makes you.. well.. you.

Its time for you to celebrate what you love about yourself and I promise you nothing is too small to take pride in. You have to dust off that layer of dust that has accumulated and take a good look at the polished trophy underneath. Sometimes it takes a lot to knock off the dust and it can be hard to do or even think about, but with the support of good friends and with the right mindset it can be done.

For years I had a hard time looking in the mirror, and to be honest it’s kind of hard for me to write this blog. It’s hard to reflect and look at the good parts of yourself whenever you’ve been taught to focus on the “bad” for so very long. Embrace your little quirks, your talents, whatever makes you you. Celebrate the fact that you can make people smile with corny jokes, play a few notes on the accordion, or always happen to make the most delicious dish without having to use measuring cups or spoons.

Ask yourself what makes you unique and if you like that aspect of yourself. If you don’t like it because of what you’ve been told shed that cloth of hate. Life will be so much happier and easier for you. Just take things one step at a time. It’s your time to shine!

This blog post was a collaboration done with my bestie @genuinelyderra please check out her blog as well!


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